CEO'S Desk

Prakash Nath Gupta

Dear Friends,

I would like to first thank our Employees and Stakeholders for the Support and Confidence they have shown in creating our manufacturing organization. Rose Engineered Products India Pvt Limited, also known as REP,though established less than a decade ago, has grown to be the Premier Sheet Metal Pulley supplier in India.

The foundation of REP’s growth has been by taking on challenges, through Innovative approaches in processes and or product conversions. We have a passion for Continuous Improvement within ourselves, and throughout our manufacturing systems.

We continue to strive for excellence in every way. Our team approach has created an inviting and successful working environment. All departments provide support and inputs to ensure each project is a success. We take pride in our team effort and accomplishments. The prideful ‘Smiles of Achievement’ are a daily testament of challenges that have been overcome.

Our Customer base is built on a foundation of Quality and Trust. Our Reputation of Advanced Technology and Innovation,extends around the world. Our global Customer base includes shipping locations in: India, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Italy as well as other locations around the World.

REP continues to grow,by building solid relationships,with current Customers and the development of new. We look forward to opportunities, where REP can apply its technical knowhow, to provide cost effective products for every application.

Prakash Nath Gupta

Rose Engineered Products India Pvt. Ltd.

(REP) is the new star on the precision-driven sheet metal component producing firmament. It is a 50:50 joint venture between the highly diversified JBM group and A.J. Rose Manufacturing Co., a leader in the manufacture of precision formed metal products and assemblies in the US.

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